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Quality is always our prime cut

From Our Knives To Your Fork

We have been custom cutting for local farmers since 1978. In 2015, an all-new custom plant was built to serve you more efficiently.We harvest animals on site and have a large hanging cooler to age carcasses. We also offer state of the art smokehouses allowing us to provide more products in a controlled atmosphere.

In-Season Hours

Mon-Fri: 7:00am—6:00pm
Saturday 7:00am—3:00pm
Closed Sunday



Link and Bulk Fresh Sausages

Country | Hot Italian
Sweet Italian | Cajun Sausage
Bulk—50¢ lb
Links—75¢ lb
Patties—75¢ lb

Quality Pork Processing

Cut & Vacuum Pack
.50¢ lb
Smoking & Curing
.75¢ lb
$1.50 lb
Smoked Chorizo
$1.50 lb
Smoked Country & Kielbasa
$1.50 lb
Pulled Pork
$2.00 lb

Smoked Moser Sausage

Uniquely "Lewis County"—A family recipe from the old country

$1.50 lb

Add our Miller's Famous Dry Brine to any cuts for $1.50 per pound!


Quality Beef Processing

Cut & Vacuum Pack
.50¢ lb
.10¢ lb
.40¢ lb

Roast Beef | Smoked & Cured Chipped Beef
$2.00 Yields Approx. 66%

$24 Batches

Amount NeededYieldsCost
10lb Ring Bologna


8lb Pepperoni Stick

9 Stx

8lb Adirondack Bologna (sliced)

8 lb

8lb Sweet Bologna (sliced)

8 lb

3lb Jalapeno & Cheese Bologna

7 Stx


Watson Burger

Bulk or Patties—6lb yields 12lb
Our delicious signature blend of Beef & Pork with onions & peppers


Snack Stix

Slim | Pepperette | BBQ | Jalapeno & Cheese
$4lb—Yields 75%

German Bologna

7lb Yields 10lb—$29

Specialty Items

Old Fashioned Jerky

Only $4.00lb!

Yields 1/2 Weight

Beef Jerky Burgers & Porky Burgers

Only $2.00lb!

Add our Miller's Famous Dry Brine to any cuts for $1.50 per pound!

Marinated in our own dry brine recipe and ready to grill!


Traditional | Beer & Onion | Hungarian 
Mexican | Jalapeno & Cheese
Italian Herbs & Cheese

Hot Dogs—$29

7lb Meat Yields 10lb

Pepper Jack | Cheddar Cheese
Chipotle and Cheese
Regular | Jalapeno & Cheese

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